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Finally! Poritsky on IMDb

Finally Made it to IMDb.

Finally Made it to IMDb.

At long last, I have made it onto IMDb! This has been some­thing of a dream ever since I stum­bled upon the Internet Movie Database back in the Moviehound days. Was it so much to ask that the web­site e-mail me with some fan­fare? Bummer.

No Best of 2008, Ready for 2009


Me Behind a Tree @ flickr

Last week I sat down to com­pose a top 10 list of the best films of 2008 when I ran into a bit of a prob­lem. When I resolved to do the same things last year, at the end of 2007, I was sim­ply able to pull up my blog archives and re-trace my thoughts from the year. Not so this year, as I had only 40 posts in 2008 to 2007’s 50. What’s more, after perus­ing a list of film releases from the past year, I had seen only a frac­tion of the films released, espe­cially when com­pared to the amount I had seen in 2007. So how could I come up with a top 10 list? Well, I couldn’t.

Bummer that 2008 was such a lame blog­ging year for me. I started doing this as a means to orga­nize my thoughts, orig­i­nally on Myspace. Back then I kinda kept things sim­ple, say­ing only what I needed, but in 2007, thanks in part to hang­ing with a writerly crowd, I got a tad ambi­tious with my reviews, fash­ion­ing them after the work of my favorite crit­ics. This of course takes a great deal more time than blurthing out my thoughts, hence the reduced post count over time.

Anyway, it’s a com­pletely new year. My drafts folder is over­loaded with half-written reviews from through­out last year. Maybe I’ll fin­ish them, maybe not. In any event, I am com­mit­ted to mak­ing this blog, and maybe another, work in 2009. Even if it means short­en­ing my thoughts down, I really want to cre­ate a bet­ter account of my thoughts, a place to share them with the world. I look for­ward to the new year with you.

Slightly New Design, Happy Holidays too

Hope everyone’s Hanukkah is going swim­mingly so far, and Happy Holidays to all oth­ers too. Tweaked the design of the blog today a bit. I really like this theme “Emptiness”. Ironically, I’ve opted to fill it up with a ton of crap, just seems more fun that way. Enjoy. See you in 2009.

Unearthed Screenplay: The Courtship of Rivkah Klein, Sept. ’05

Ahhh, how come I never could fin­ish this screen­play? Tell me what you think of the start.

                 INT. DANIEL'S APARTMENT - DAWN

                 RIVKAH, 20, is lying naked under the covers, fast asleep.
                 DANIEL, 28, is fully dressed, quietly putting his shoes
                 on, sitting at the foot of the bed.
 Read on...

New Site is Up, Let’s See if it Actually Works

The New HotnessThe new site is up and run­ning! This is the third iter­a­tion of this site ever since I bought the domain last sum­mer. Poritsky 3.0! Of the three sites that I’ve made in the past, this one stands out in many ways and I really con­sider it my first “pro­fes­sional” web­page. I relied on a few sim­ple crutches to get my page out the door. Don’t get me wrong, my old designs were won­der­ful for what they were, and they were extremely dif­fi­cult for me to build. This time around how­ever, I set some sim­ple rules for myself, cre­at­ing both obsta­cles and guide­lines within which I could cre­ate a site that made me as proud as I am right now. I’d like to share my think­ing with you now, if you’ve got the time to lis­ten. Read on…