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An E-mail From a Friend

Red at a Party

A good friend (fool­ishly pic­tured right) wrote me the fol­low­ing e-mail a few days ago:

Subject: remem­ber this?
Date: April 5, 2008 10:09:32 PM EDT

what ever hap­pened to this awe­some idea?

Hold tight, dear friend. Hold tight…

New Site Coming Soon/Update On Jon

Firetrucks in the Village

So, the faith­ful out there will notice that I haven’t writ­ten in a lit­tle while, and when I have posted, it has usu­ally been a photo from my Flickr account (see right). Well, I’m here to let you know that I’m still here, and I wanted to let you know what’s been eat­ing my time up.

For one, I have been work­ing on a redesign of my website.

About 10 months ago, I bought as a means to a very sim­ple end: to find work. Back then, I was a free­lancer in the mid­dle of a 6 month con­tract at Present Focus Inc., ( “a state of the art high def­i­n­i­tion video pro­duc­tion com­pany located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan offer­ing the lat­est in HD tech­nol­ogy as well as the finest in dig­i­tal and film pho­tog­ra­phy.” The seven months I ended up work­ing there were some of the most inter­est­ing of my life. At 22, to my own aston­ish­ment, I was the online edi­tor for an eight-part National Geographic Channel International series. The project, Oceans 8, headed up by writer-explorer-filmmaker Jon Bowermaster ( is fin­ish­ing up the final expe­di­tion film now on Antarctica, which, sadly, I am not apart of. Read on…

“Camel Closeup” featured on">Camel Closeup” featured on

Camel Closeup

Originally uploaded by porit­sky

So, it’s prob­a­bly not a big deal in real life, but I was rather excited to find a photo of mine fea­tured in a gallery on You can fol­low the link here Camel beauty pageant to be held in UAE. It’s a story about a camel beauty pageant, and there are a hun­dred other flickr pics up on it. Still, I can’t help but kvell over the whole thing.

Also, NowPublic seems like a pretty awe­some idea, here’s a blurb from their mis­sion state­ment: Read on…

Camel Smiling


Camel Smiling

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Look at that face.

Well, I’m back in the states and pin­ing to return back to Israel. I can at least pro­long my intel­lec­tual return to the cold weather and fast paced nature of New York by going through my pho­tos of the trip. Keep your eyes peeled, I’l be putting more up as time goes by.