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My buddy Bob started a cook­ing blog recently called Bob’s Family Recipes. It’s got a nice col­lec­tion so far, and I fig­ured I’d pop a recipe on there. Now, I don’t cook as much as I should, but it really is the only way any of us are going to sur­vive these days. Well, that and $5 foot­longs. Anyway, I want to cook more, and you should too. So check out Bob’s web­site, and try mak­ing my not-so-good-for-you-but-tastes-so-good-going-down Bourbon Teriyaki Mushrooms.

In other news, I’m work­ing on a Valkyrie review, should be up in the next day or two.

IM From a Friend: Questions People Need Answered">IM From a Friend: Questions People Need Answered

DSC_0025.jpgThe fol­low­ing IM came over google’s Gchat right now from a good friend. I had to start load­ing the video for an excit­ing upcom­ing film (seri­ously, if I could tell you you’d be excited) and this pair of knuck­le­heads opted to ignore my BRB warn­ing. I laughed hard enough to share it with you.

well you should be work­ing and clean­ing heads and dupli­cat­ing HD dvds and mak­ing film trans­fers and mak­ing cof­fee and knit­ting jami a scarf made of cat hair and marsh­mal­lows and wor­ship­ing the lord and apply­ing a pow­er­ful exfo­li­at­ing cream to your face and neck and always tak­ing care of your­self
Sent at 10:54 PM on Tuesday
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Buy The Kept Man

You should buy The Kept Man by Jami Attenberg for many rea­sons. Let me list some:

  1. It’s a really good book.
  2. The cover is yel­low and orange, like all won­der­ful things.
  3. It’s chock full of swear words, drugs, and sex, fer serious.
  4. I’ll be done read­ing it soon and I need to talk to peo­ple about it who, ya know, didn’t write it.
  5. She thinks I’m a funny and nice man, I have proof:

Jami Autograph

Need some more rea­sons? How about a con­ve­nient link to Amazon?

The Kept Man

The Kept Man
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