Jonathan Poritsky

Slightly New Design, Happy Holidays too

Hope everyone’s Hanukkah is going swim­mingly so far, and Happy Holidays to all oth­ers too. Tweaked the design of the blog today a bit. I really like this theme “Emptiness”. Ironically, I’ve opted to fill it up with a ton of crap, just seems more fun that way. Enjoy. See you in 2009.

Review: Twilight

TwilightCatherine Hardwicke no doubt set out to make a gritty drama of teen angst set against the back­drop of the dreary Pacific Northwest, but a few weeks prior to shoot­ing, a pro­ducer must have handed her a script for “Twilight” and said make this instead. The first screen adap­ta­tion of Stephanie Meyer’s best­selling roman­tic vam­pire series is like a cheap wine look­ing for a bot­tle, which is really a shame because I would surely lap it up if only served prop­erly. Targeted at teenage girls, it would seem my age and gen­der pre­clude me from this dis­cus­sion, how­ever I believe that young women are yearn­ing for much more from their hero­ines, so let’s get started with the nit pick­i­ness. Read on…