Jonathan Poritsky

Internet Fame And Immortality

[sin­glepic id=“9” w=“320” h=“240” mode=”” float=“left” ]Ahhh, inter­net fame has come my way at last. I made it into this week’s Gizmodo Photoshop Contest Hall of Champions. I get noth­ing for my efforts, but it was fun any­way. Though I didn’t snag one of the top three titles, I did man­age to make it into the post’s main graphic TWICE! Check it out here, and you can see my “win­ning” pho­tos here and here in glo­ri­ous Gizmodo immor­tal­ity, or click the read link to see all the crap I made instead of doing use­ful things. Read on…

iPhone Apps Can Rock

This is a test of the word­press iPhone app. Now I can blog from the subway!