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Awesome Picture of Jayson Werth

Jayson Werth crosses the plate after his homer gave the Phils a 3-0 lead. (John Heller/AP)
Jayson Werth crosses the plate after his homer gave the Phils a 3–0 lead. (John Heller/AP)

As I’ve been hon­ing my pho­to­graphic skills, I’ve started to notice the great pho­tog­ra­phy that sur­rounds us more and more. While perus­ing the Phillies web­site today, I noticed this crop of Jayson Werth. I love grain in pho­tos. While film grain is my true love, dig­i­tal grain has found a place in my heart recently. A clean chip and a nice lens will let you make some really nice crops, and this one is no excep­tion. Read on…

Testing The Emergency Blogcasting System

This is only a test. Do not adjust your, uhhh, com­puter mon­i­tor. If you are read­ing this, it means that I can now blog from my iPhone. While no great feat for mas­ter blog­heads, it took a lit­tle work for me to fig­ure this out. It’s great. I love to blog and I love my iPhone. Now noth­ing can stop me from telling you cool stuff. Read on…

Red Vapor in Your Eyes? Let Me Give You Visine

RED Mysterium SensorBack in 2005 when Jim Jannard took off his brightly col­ored and pre­sum­ably shiny Oakley CEO hat and set out to start a rev­o­lu­tion in dig­i­tal cin­ema, most of us scoffed, writ­ing off his inten­tions of build­ing a 4K tape­less cam­era at an “afford­able” price point as the ludi­crous rav­ings of a mil­lion­aire seek­ing his extra 15 min­utes. We ate our words a year ago, at NAB 2007, as the first Red Camera footage was put on dis­play in a short film by mega-director Peter Jackson. As the year went by, and the fledg­ling com­pany started to ship the cam­era in small doses, again, we started to feel the rum­blings of a rev­o­lu­tion as Stephen Soderbergh pro­claimed his love for the new format.

But now it’s NAB 2008. So you’d think maybe this Red thing would pick up and start get­ting adopted.

Nah. Read on…

IM From a Friend: Questions People Need Answered">IM From a Friend: Questions People Need Answered

DSC_0025.jpgThe fol­low­ing IM came over google’s Gchat right now from a good friend. I had to start load­ing the video for an excit­ing upcom­ing film (seri­ously, if I could tell you you’d be excited) and this pair of knuck­le­heads opted to ignore my BRB warn­ing. I laughed hard enough to share it with you.

well you should be work­ing and clean­ing heads and dupli­cat­ing HD dvds and mak­ing film trans­fers and mak­ing cof­fee and knit­ting jami a scarf made of cat hair and marsh­mal­lows and wor­ship­ing the lord and apply­ing a pow­er­ful exfo­li­at­ing cream to your face and neck and always tak­ing care of your­self
Sent at 10:54 PM on Tuesday
Read on…

New Site is Up, Let’s See if it Actually Works

The New HotnessThe new site is up and run­ning! This is the third iter­a­tion of this site ever since I bought the domain last sum­mer. Poritsky 3.0! Of the three sites that I’ve made in the past, this one stands out in many ways and I really con­sider it my first “pro­fes­sional” web­page. I relied on a few sim­ple crutches to get my page out the door. Don’t get me wrong, my old designs were won­der­ful for what they were, and they were extremely dif­fi­cult for me to build. This time around how­ever, I set some sim­ple rules for myself, cre­at­ing both obsta­cles and guide­lines within which I could cre­ate a site that made me as proud as I am right now. I’d like to share my think­ing with you now, if you’ve got the time to lis­ten. Read on…